PLEASE NOTE: The information below is subject to change at any time. All prices are in UK Pounds Sterling unless otherwise stated. This article is provided as is without any express or implied warranties. While every effort has been taken to ensure the accuracy of the information contained in this article, the author assumes no responsibility for errors or omissions, or for damages resulting from the use of the information contained herein. (In other words, BE CAREFUL) It is usual for the girl/escort provides a condom. But bring a pack just in case! LONDON ====== Escort Services =========================================================================== There are quite a number of companies to choose from but I am afraid the majority only serve Central London (and the airports - LGW & LHR). Oriental Escorts 0171 603 2221 Kensington 0171 935 5339 PussyCats 0171 229 2134 Joanna's 0956 375235 (mobile) Tiffany's 0181 776 5483 Kensington Escorts was recommended by a friend of mine. They invite you to there offices and let you choose your date for the night! Address on request. Massage Parlours/Brothels =========================================================================== There are no Brothels in London (that I know about)although tolerance is being tested in Edinburgh, Scotland. There are however individuals who offer a range of "Massage Services" to cater for your every need. From a simple back massage to a full hour of fulfillment. They are usually a lady with a *friend* (bodyguard) in a normal looking flat/apartment. There are always S&M around at cheap prices but they rarely go in for intercourse. Look for cards in telephone boxes in Central London. Or a safer option is to look in the local press or porn mag. Look out for a copy of the Daily Sport (a national newspaper). It has loads of adverts from persons offering a wide range of services & products and if you get bored, it also has stories about "B-52 Bomber found on the moon"! In London & other major cities, some newsagents post cards with numbers. They are usually titled "Stress relief", "Exotic Massage" just to name a couple! They are usually local and discreet. At the request of a few readers of A.S.S, I have listed a few of numbers you may try for massage services. In the coming months, I hope to try out a few of them and share my findings. PLEASE NOTE: Unless otherwise stated with *, I have not tried the girl out. 01717060705 *Filipino 01816897369 Solitare 01813992775 *Visiting massage service (Karen and Debbie are recommended) 01816892212 Lisa - Croydon area 01817789479 Ambers 11am-8pm 01816700606 Julia's Visiting Massage 0956222236 "Caribean Beauty" (mobile) Solitare - I visited there in August. It is located a short distant from a mainline station. The door was opened by an elderly woman who looks rather frail at first but it is only a cover. The house and rooms are fairly plain and there were 2 girls on when I went (sometimes there are 3). I chose the busty, model type and was shown to one of the bedrooms. 1/2 an hour cost me 50ukp which is pretty cheap. I usually pay 70-80ukp for that amount of time. Quite good value for money.

Street Walkers =========================================================================== I am afraid my experience is lacking in this field. Previously, I only knew of two areas (except Soho) which has now been reduced to one. Streatham Hill, South London. This area always has a small group on patrol just behind the railway station. The police have tried there best to clear the area up but with no success. I have only ever picked up a two girls from this area. Both weren't very pretty and relied on the customer having there own car. Prices charged were 20 for straight sex in my car. 15 oral. Rising to 40 if you take them into a house. You will find that they will do almost anything if you flash notes in front of them so my advice is to negotiate away from there friends (they will nearly always be in groups) and save some notes for during the session. Strip Clubs =========================================================================== If strip clubs are your thing, visit a.s.strip-clubs and look out for a thread - London Report or London Branch. I think it is also available at the World Sex Guide site - Soho ==== Soho. Famous the world over for its clubs, bars and VHS shops! They all surround the famous Raymond Revue Bar (in 1970s, the best bar in town!) just off Shaffesbury Avenue. I went to Soho recently and counted 30 clubs, bars & shops and I am sure I didn't see all of them. The doorways of the clubs greet you with an example of what they have to offer. Most clubs have "Show #1 or #2 ukp"in the window. Although I have no experience in what these clubs are like, there was a report on a local news programme about them. It reported that although you pay 2ukp to get in. You will end up pay upto 4-5ukp for a drink. (Pint of Lager usually 1.70ukp) They have also been known to threaten people to go to the cash machine (ATM) and draw money for them. The magazines and video shops are very good as long as you know what you want when you go in there. The best way to get there is by tube (underground railway) and go to either Leicester Square or Piccadily Circus. Just follow the lights. The roads to look out for is Wardour Street, Compton Street and Little Newport Street. It is no point trying to drive there unless you park north of Oxford Street and get a Black Cab. As I have said before. Soho is a lovely place to look at but can take advantage of people. Make sure you know where the nearest main road, Black Cab rank or Leicester Square is (it is always busy in Leicester Square). Request for Help =========================================================================== I am trying to compile info for the whole of the UK. If you know of services elsewhere in the UK, why not send me an email. I will try to reply to all. My Service Provider still has not put a.s.prostitution on it's newsgroup list. Does anyone know how I can retrieve postings via email?

In Future Issues =========================================================================== My mailbox has been full since I first posted this report. It is great to get some positive feedback. Please don't stop! A number of non-britons have given me places to check to see if they are still active and I hope to bring you info on those. I also hope to be able to bring you info about the rest of the UK. Mailing List =========================================================================== Thank you to all who replied to my post regarding a mailing list of this report. I am afraid it was unsuccessful for various reasons. One of which was that the Anon Server will not handle more than 48k of mail from one user. I have been following up a couple of solutions which I will try in the New Year. About Me =========================================================================== I am 22, live in South London, UK and training to be an Accountant. <yawn> I am, by no means (and I do not claim to be) as experienced as I would like to be for the simple fact of the money. If anyone has any comments, suggestions, web sites, new areas about the UK Sex Scene, I would be pleased to hear them and will try to reply to all eventually. :-> (Please state where you are from.) This report will be posted to a.s,, a.s.swing & a.s.wiz BlackBeard ( PGPKey available on request. PS. I will be visiting the New York, Boston and Chicago in January 96. Any suggestions welcome!

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